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MKP provides scope of works that are Interior- Furniture- Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP)-Network (Data) and Civil Work.

Yes, MKP does have minimum works order as below: Office: starting from 100 m2 Retail (Shops and Restaurant ): starting from 50 m2 Civil Projects: starting from 200 m2

Yes, MKP provides design and build package that included design consultancy. For certain projects, that depend on sizes and other considerations, we will collaborate with our partner design consultant to provide the design consultancy and there will be separate design fee added to our package proposal.

Yes, MKP accepts renovation projects that depends on the scale of project.

Yes, MKP accepts Interior or Furniture works as part of fitting out works. However for the MEP (Mechanical-Electrical and Plumbing) and Networks project, they usually become one package within the fitting out projects.

Yes, MKP could do projects outside Jakarta. The included areas are major cities in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

MKP does not accept demolishing works except it is included in the furniture-Interior/civil works packages.

MKP does not accept moving projects except it is included in the furniture-Interior/civil works packages.

MKP’s Workshop located in Kecamatan Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, with the total area of 1888 metre square

MKP does not have show room since the service is customized for every project . However, if it is needed, we are pleased to arrange a client visit to our workshop and or to our site project.

MKP does not have branch outside Jakarta, all projects are arranged from Jakarta office.

The fitting out project, Interior-Furniture-MEP-Network, capacity currently is up to 4,000 metre square per month. The civil project will take longer time depends on the construction used, at least we need 6 months for the projects using steel construction.

The high level of services is what makes MKP different than others, the staff and the labours are kept on trained to be responsive on customer inquiries, responsible to work demand and reliable on quality and delivery.

We are kontraktor interior Jakarta