PT. Multi Karya Primatama is an Interior Contractor based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Starting with a humble beginning, PT. Multi Karya Primatama (PT. MKP), was officially founded in 1995 as a small enterprise by the name PT. Multi Karya Prima. However, the company has even a longer experience in the industry as it had all been rooted back in 1988, producing good-quality furniture such as kitchen sets and bedroom sets.

Since the company was officially founded in 1995, PT. Multi Karya Primatama expanded its business to working on office interior projects while maintaining the relentless pursue of good-quality standard of delivery. The pursuit for good quality standards did pay off as the company grew to become a distinguished interior designer and consultant company, known for its reliability, good quality, and its strategic positioning as a reasonably-priced interior-furniture contractor.

Blessed with successful growth, in the late of 2003, PT. Multi Karya Prima was transformed into PT. Multi Karya Primatama (PT. MKP) and upgraded to medium enterprise classification. By then, the company has established a solid acknowledgment for its quality as well as its capacity and capability to provide integrated solutions from interior, furniture, civil works and mechanical-electrical engineering, to data-network engineering by its own highly-skilled and trained resources.

Aiming to double its business capacity and market share to commercial and hospitality projects, PT. Multi Karya Primatama is committed to maintain its values constanly, to be focus on customer needs, deliver good quality products and best services at the best-valued pricing.



Our Vision

PT. MKP owes its success and rapid growth to its professionally-managed organization, as it is all reflected on its company’s vision to become a leading general contractor that constantly delivers best of services and good quality of products at best-valued pricing to its customers.

Every member of PT. MKP is indeed most valuable assets to the company as each member has adopted the company’s culture, endorsed strongly in every step of the process within the company. Each member is expected to provide the best of service to customers, work in unity, respect one another, and give only the best of their potentials in delivering their work.

Our Mission

The vision has then been translated into the company’s mission:

● Trust in the Almighty God
● Provide the best of service to our customers
● Respect each other and develop a solid teamwork
● Constantly strive to do the best
● Contribute to the society

Our Values

What makes PT. MKP stand out and unique amongst its competitors is indeed its strong management foundation that is reflected toward its workforce. Started out with only 3 staff, currently PT. MKP is supported by more than 40 staff and more than 150 skilled workers. Managing such a number of diverse professional assets is no easy task, however PT. MKP successfully leverage the adversity to become its strengths.

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Our contractor business based in Jakarta. We have capabilities to serve the projects in other area outside Jakarta depends on the projects size and category. Our comitment is to always :

Customer Focus
Prioritize on Quality
Excellent Services
Competitive Price
Extensive Experience


The team has been designed solely to serve the purpose of delivering high-quality service to clients, while at the same time thriving to achieve minimal standard of defect. That way, the team would be able to translate all of those achievements into higher value for money to customers. In short, the management is commited to running a good management and operations system, in order to delivery good quality products, which in turn translates into a highly competitive pricing in the market and higher level of customer satisfaction.


We are very proud to announce that we obtained ISO 9001:2015 standard offers a Quality Management System certification and ISO 45001:2018 standard offers a Occupational Health and Safety System certification. The certification assessment was done by DAS certification Indonesia.

We continue to strive for success and aim to achieve the highest quality standards for all of our operations globally.


PT. Multi Karya Primatama is registered as a member of the national construction services association under the GAPENSI organization.


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